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Our Operation


When it comes to skydiving, the aircraft you jump from matters! A large turbine aircraft allows us to get you to your jump altitude more quickly.  This means you can jump from higher altitudes with several of your friends!

At Cleveland Skydiving Center, we fly meticulously maintained turbine aircraft.  Our Kodiak Quest 100 is one of the most modern and cleanest aircrafts being used for Skydiving in Ohio taking our customers to an altitude of 13,500ft.  Occasionally we will fly a Twin Otter, Caravan or a Skyvan on weekends with events.

OUR Facilities

At Cleveland Skydiving Center, we pride ourselves on providing our jumpers and spectators with clean, modern, and comfortable facilities. Whether you’re visiting us for a few hours or staying for several days, we want you to enjoy the time you spend at our dropzone. Here’s a few of the on-site amenities guests can expect to find when visiting us:



  • Comfortable, shaded indoor seating
  • Outdoor seating and spectator area to view your friends and loved ones land
  • Well stocked vending machines

Business Hours

7 days a week, 9am to 9pm

Service Offerings

Tandem (First Time) Skydiving, 

Skydive License Training (AFF),

Experienced Jumpers

Payments Accepted

Check, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

Are You Ready To Tandem Skydive in Ohio ?!?!