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Experienced Skydivers


Whether you’re traveling through or looking for a DZ to call home, Cleveland Skydiving Center invites you to join our community of experienced skydivers!

If you are looking for a Skydiving Dropzone with a relaxed vibe, talented jumpers and instructors, look no more. We are not one of those Dropzones that forgets about you once you are off student status. We usually have organizers or mentors available every weekend. Pair that with the numerous courses/events we have throughout the season and we finish off our weekend nights with Parkman style bonfires and home cooked meals. Come see what we are all about and join the family!



As an experienced jumper, you know that not all DZs are created equal! At Cleveland Skydiving Center, we take pride in providing our jumpers with clean, comfortable, and modern facilities and amenities.

Our hangar has everything a fun jumper could want:

  • Meticulously maintained turbine aircraft gets you to altitude fast!
  • Padded packing area
  • Multi-stall bathrooms with showers
  • Large televisions for post-jump review and debrief.

Licensed Skydiver Prices
Option Description Cash
Full Altitude 13,500 $30
Hop and Pop 3,500 to 5,000 $24
Block Jumps 50 $1475
Block Jumps 100 $2900
Gear Rental pack included $35/jump

Plenty of Outs

We may be the closest dropzone to Cleveland and the Great Lakes, but we’re as far away as you can get in all the ways that count!

Plenty of Fun!

The same wide open spaces that make the dropzone safe and beautiful let us keep the party going past sunset load. Whether you prefer to wind down after a day of successful sky jumps by playing games and watching the videos, or keep the party going down at the bonfire, one thing we can promise – you won’t want to leave!

With a room full of bunk beds just inside, you won’t have to.

Plenty of options

Our Dz is not far from many national Parks including Nelsons Ledges and the Eagle Creek Nature Preserve. When the winds are too high for jumping, you can head there to take a nice hike and enjoy nature until things calm down

Giving up on day and you want to grab an ice cold beer we have you covered. The FREE BEER fridge is always a good option. If you want a bar atmosphere or to catch up on some sports, check out Slim and Jumbos in Garrettsville or Middlefield Tavern. Both bars offer great food, drinks and even pool tables to keep you occupied.

If you are in the mood for a good shake or some of the best burgers in the world, you MUST go to the Frozen Dee Lite or as we like to call it The RedNipple.


Business Hours

7 days a week, 9am to 9pm

Service Offerings

Tandem (First Time) Skydiving, 

Skydive License Training (AFF),

Experienced Jumpers

Payments Accepted

Check, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

Are You Ready To Tandem Skydive in Ohio ?!?!