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Are you searching for Skydiving In Ohio or where to start skydiving at to get your license?  Well, search no more because you have found us.  We are a relaxed, laid back dropzone tucked in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio.  We are less than 45 minutes away from the city right in the middle of Amish country.  We are open 6 days a week and offer tandem skydiving, AFF, sport skydiving and are a full skydiving training facility for anyone who wants to learn and get licensed.

Most people call and ask us how much it costs to do a tandem skydive. Here at Cleveland Skydiving center, the tandem skydive is only $239.00.  We also offer a video and photo package for an additional $109.00.  Most people choose the handcam option but we also offer an outside video package where you can hire an additional jumper to exit the plane with your tandem pair and video your skydive from an outside perspective.  If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you can also find one of our special discounted codes to get cheaper rates.  Weekdays can be discounted down to $199 by using the codeword WEEKDAY and our current special code for July is FREEDOM. You can use these code words when booking to get discounted skydiving.

Now that you know how much tandem skydiving costs, you may be wondering what the process is like or how to book a skydive.  The best way to book a skydive is by going to our webpage and clicking on the button that says, “BOOK SKYDIVE”.  From there, you will be directed to our online calendar of availability where you can choose whatever date and time works best for your group.  We are open every day except for Wednesdays.  You will need a credit card to pay for your $35.00 deposit to make your reservation.  If you get weathered out, you do not lose out on your money.  You can just reschedule for an alternative date.

On the day of your skydive, you will need to make sure that you are well prepared.  Prior to your arrival we ask that you fill out your online waiver and also to give us a call before leaving the house to make sure that the weather is conducive for flying.  We also ask that you wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes and make sure that you bring your photo ID.  You MUST bring a photo id with you to not only confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and older but that you actually are who you are signing your legal waiver and documents as.  Once you have that all in order you can head our way!

Upon arrival, you will pull into the parking lot, then make your way up to the windows on the big white porch.  When checking in, we will need either the group number or the name on the reservations.  Once confirmed, we will take your temperature, get you started on some more paperwork and start a training video for you.  Once the video has ended, you can return to the window with your paperwork, government issued ID and your form of payment.  Cash and card are both accepted.  After you are all checked in you will want to make your way to the restrooms around the back side of the building and prepare for your skydives.  You must remove everything from your pockets and put all of your belongings in your vehicles.  We have bins available for belongings inside if needed.

Its game time now!  Come on inside and lets get your trained and geared up.  This part of the process normally takes just a few minutes.  We will get you suited up in a harness and get you a pair of goggles to cover your eyes.  Make sure that you are dressed accordingly as you will be sliding in on your butts for landing.  The training is pretty simple. You will be trained put your hands on your harness, lean your head back on your instructors shoulder and crouch down really nice and low to get below the doorframe of the aircraft.  Once training is complete you will make your way down to the hangar to meet your instructors.

Things are getting pretty serious at this point.  You are moments away from entering the airplane and making your skydive so please make sure that your harness is comfortable and that you ask your instructor any questions that you might have.  He or she will be more than happy to explain how to exit the airplane properly if you still don’t quite understand what to do.  Once you are ready to go you can follow your instructor to the airplane.  Once you take off, listen to their instructions and follow your training. When the door opens, you will no longer be able to hear each other until the parachute is open so follow your training.

Are you ready to skydive yet?  After about 15 minutes in the airplane, you will be at about 14,000 feet ready to freefall at about 120 mph.  When the red light comes on, make your way to the door.  When the green light comes on its time to jump.  We don’t want to spoil all the fun so if you want to know what happens next, come check it out for yourself.  We have plenty of availability all season long.  Some of our dates do book up a few weeks in advance so make sure that you register early.  We look forward to seeing you soon.