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Whether you are 18 years old and on College Holiday Break or you are 65 and retiring from your job of 40 years chances are you want to go skydiving or at least know of someone who has tandem skydiving on their bucket list.  Located in Northeastern Ohio, just outside of Warren, you can find the Cleveland Skydiving Center.  As one of Cuyahoga Counties top attractions for things to do in the area, skydiving can be done anytime from April through October.  It just so happens that Cleveland Skydiving Center is offering BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS until the first week of December for Tandem Skydiving.  Whether its a first jump for you or a skydive for your granddaughter, gift certificates are on sale for $50.00 off.  The thrill packed gift certificates are on sale now at www.skydivecle.com and can be purchased at the discounted special rate by using the code word BLKFriday when scheduling.  They are valid for 9 months from the purchase date and will be on sale until December 6th at 5pm or until certificates sell out. 

  For those of you that aren’t quite ready to cross skydiving off of your bucket list yet, pack the cooler and come picnic under the big shade tree.  There’s definitely a lot going on at the facility besides tandem skydiving from about 13,500ft.   The spectator aread gives you a front row view of the skydivers that will be flying in on their parachutes all day long. Its a lot of fun to watch and enjoy the views even from the ground. 

 Jumpers from all over Northeastern Ohio choose Cleveland Skydiving Center as their destination for skydiving and you can too.  Although most jumpers are from Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Cleveland and Erie areas, we even get people traveling in from Pittsburgh, Toledo and Columbus.  As stated before, the tandem skydiving discounts for Black Friday will only be available until December 6th or until certificates run out.  We hope to see you in the air with us during 2020.  Thanks!